MOH provides a unique community that enhances the “Power of Purchase Happiness”. It is through a collective group of organized genders in sharing happiness, that MOH’s members have blazed trails, made history, and advanced.


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  1. To become part of MOH’s extensive network of Members, become an MOH member
  2. Connect with MOH members online, locally, nationally, and internationally.
  3. Network with groups of fraternity who share your passions, join a MOH committee, task force, or working group.
  4. Provide or receive mentoring in a one-to-one relationship, sign up for MOH’s mentoring program where you can provide or
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    receive guidance on a variety of career topics.


No matter where prospect zentel you are in your career, there is a MOH member that has been there before and can help navigate your career path. With nearly Million years of experience and generations, MOH provides a unique environment for you to network, build strategic alliances, develop leadership skills, and provide or receive mentoring.



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