How We Donate


Thank you for choosing to make moduretic without a prescription a donation to the MOH. Below are the descriptions of the various funds that support MOH activities. You may mail your donation check to MOH headquarters or donate online using your credit card. Your contribution to MOH, Thank you!


Gift Certificates: MOH Gift Certificates make the perfect gift for any occasion. Your recipient can choose to give to any MOH member charity and can redeem the certificate any time within one year of purchase. Buy one now for someone you love!


Give at Work: MOH members participate in employee giving campaigns in corporate, state, and municipal workplaces throughout the country. Look for them in your company’s giving list. If you don’t see them, call (800) 664-664 for information on how to add them to the list.



Give Online: You can support MOH and its members by making a credit card contribution online. Click here to give. Making a donation through our registered secure server is fast and easy, and you will receive an acknowledgement for your tax records. All contributions are split among our member charities.


Write a Check: There’s nothing wrong with giving the old fashioned way. If you write a check to the federation the proceeds will be shared with all the member charities. Our mailing address is Islamabad, Pakistan.


Give a Car: Have an old car, truck, boat or other vehicle to donate? Click here to donate your vehicle online. Please note that this is a free service provided by V-DAC (Vehicle Donation to any Charity) and the service and pick-up is totally free. Any proceeds will go directly to support MOH and its member charities.



Donate a Stock: If you own shares of a stock, mutual fund, or other type of security, you can donate all or some of those shares to MOH. The sale of your securities qualifies as a tax-exempt donation. Contact FKJ at; (800) 664-664 for more information. Planned Gifts: We can accept gifts and bequests from your estate. We recommend you have your attorney or estate planner call us in advance to make sure any special requests you may have as to the use of the funds can be accommodated.  Contact FKJ at; +9251 664-664 for more information.



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