Askole-K2 Project

Askole Project (Askole, ved foten av K2) at the foot of K2

Askole village is order synthroid from canada located about 85 kilometers from Skardu, Pakistan. Askole Village, Pakistan’s highest and most remote village, the last human settlement before trek up to Baltoro Glacier to Concordia and highest peak and longest glaciers (outside polar region)on earth. The Askoe vilage is famous for gateway to Great Mountain on earth and longest glaciers on earth outside polar region.

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Askole village is the starting point of the trek to Baltoro Glacier, Biafo Glacier, Chogtai Glacier. The Climbing and trekking expedition stay here for a night and arrange porters. Askole village is gateway to K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrums,Muztagh Towers, Uli Biaho Tower, Paiyu Peak, Baintha Brakk and Purchase Latok Peaks, and many more

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For journey from Cheap Skardu to Askole, the jeeps are available at Skardu. North of Skardu lies the vale of Shigar, a landscape of gentle, smiling fields dominated by a dreamy wooden village and an ancient carved mosque. Now the road climbs ever higher and valley walls close in until you reach Askle, a narrow bowl of a valley no wider, it seems, four or five kilometers, completely encircled by a range of snow caped peaks reaching heights of more than 5000m, looking very minute as if if they may fall over and crash down on this lost horizon. The land is sparse and the villagers hardy. Many work as porters and supply trains of the major mountaineering expeditions, for Askole is the starting point for the assault of the mountains of Concordia.

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Travelling towards Askole on Jeep is very interesting. It is more then 8 hours ride from Skardu the capital city of Baltistan. Askole Purchase is the last vehicle-accessible mountain village on the Karakoram.


This gabapentin adderall high is the Pakistan’s highest 3080-M and remote village gateway to highest mountains and longest glaciers of the world. This village is very famous among mountaineers and trekkers.


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Askole-K2 3D Tour Virtual


Askoli Museum 


The museum, hosted in an old house of the Askole village, collects more then 200 objects catalogued and restored with the help of local community. Daily life objects have been displayed in their original setting, while others have been arranged in specific: tool for domestic life (kitchen accessories, food and ater containers, lamps, locks, mouse traps); tools for working in the fields (rakes, hoes, panniers, ploughs in various shapes), for animal breeding (shearing scicssors, cattle goads, tweezers for ticks), for wool weaving (reels, yak and dzo un-spun wool, a complete ancient loom), for hunting (baltì wooden rifles, gunpowder carrying belts, ibex skulls), for gold digginf (bams to filter gold sands, sifts made with sheepskin). Part of the museum has been dedicated to women ornaments, another part to traditional clothing and to wooden decorated manufacts, another art to explorers.


Collaboration for the project “Askole House Museum” and creation of the “Askole House museum in situ at Askole, Baltistan (Pakistan) in 2008-2009 by Italian architect Daniele Beacco.


In February 2010, within the framework of the activity AD4d Establishment of a cultural/historical museum in Order Askole, an article has been published in one of the most qualified architectural reviews in Italy “IL GIORNALE DELL’ARCHITETTURA”.


Jia Jumani CE, and  Mohammad Mobashir, COO



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